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I'm just a guy who likes to write DID stories as a hobby. I'm also looking for a woman who shares the same interest ;)


For Commissions/Trades/Requests Read This:…

Series I can do:…
Hello my DA followers, at this time I am now taking commissions! And will most likely take them for the rest of the summer. Please read the following very closely as this will now be my official commission journal. At this time I am not taking requests or trades and please keep in mind my payment method for paypal has changed! (Read below for details)

Also, you may have noticed I have a lot of pics in my stories, you should know that the artists I used pics from in my stories have told me they gain a lot of followers and page views from that. If you're interested in a project like that with me, note me! Also I do not draw pictures! All pics in my gallery have been done by others by free or paid methods. I am a story only artist on DA.

Here is my waiting list:

Writing Waiting List

DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther Trades - Closed by SweetDuke  dA Stamp - Requests Closed by lynkx-ie


So first off, please keep in mind I do pretty much write everything, though pending on what you ask for it may result in being a private commission (for your eyes only) and also I am no grammar guru, meaning my stories may contain some grammar mistakes but if you point them out it will make me a better writer and I will fix them asap and will offer a discount on the next commission.

What I write and don't Write

I mostly write on series that I have watched, for a complete list of anime, cartoons, video games and other media I've seen and do stories on, see this list:

Series I can do DiD/Bondage on

I pretty much write everything and open to anything new, though keep in mind some things will cost more. See pricing for more details and here is a short list of things I won't do:

Inhuman acts
diapers (as well as anything peeing and human waste related, but I may do bottom wear soiling)

This may be updated in the future.

Pricing and payment

I do try and keep my prices reasonable and all prices are negotiable, please know that all money earn either goes towards my college expenses, personal stuff or pics I have done for my stories.

I do not charge stories by page or word count, as I have no idea how long the story will turn out to be.

I charge $5 for each story done, then plus how many characters and how much detailed the story is.

So a short story with 1 character would be between $8-12 dollars

A large story with a few characters would be about $25

ect. ect. ect.

Most of my commissions I have done in the past usually turn out to be between $19 and $35. So as long as you don't have a very large story in mind, don't expect to pay more than $40.

À la carte

Starting this year I'm adding a À la carte to my pricing, where as I did say I would write anything, doesn't mean I take pride in writing it. So to make it worth my while, if your commission wants say tentacles in it, and if I charge you $20 for the story, the item below (tentacles) would be an extra one time $4 (meaning it applies to all characters in the story) making the payment a total $24.

The items are as such:

Incest = $2
Tentacles = $4
Futanari = $8
Vore/digestion/strange things = $12

more will be added if needed.


I take several payments:

Paypal (preferred choice) you will be billed via invoice for my protection. You will need to give me your email for this!
Amazon gift cards
DA points
Drawn picture(s)

Free Commissions

Should I ever gift you a free commission, please know they are worth about a $40 commission, which means a large story with several characters, plus any two things from the À la carte for free. Should I feel your idea exceeds the $40 limit, you will just pay the amount that goes over 40. (so if it's $58, then you just pay $18) .

How to commission me and the process

After reading this journal over (if it's clear to me you haven't read it, I will just delete your message without a second thought.) send me a note on your ideas or questions.

And PLEASE space out your note before sending and DO NOT send me a wall of text, make use of your enter button please.

I also know that English isn't everyone's typing language, whatever your issue, please take time to make your note clear as possible.

And one last issue, do not write out the whole story in your note and ask me to fill in details. State what you want, things you want to see happen and notes of important things I should focus on.

I will reject your note should it be a wall of text or more details than there should be. I do want to write out a story; not copy and past and fill in blanks.

After that we will work out the details and price till we come to a agreeing status.

Once confirmed, I will either enter your story into the list or start working on it. You may send payment right away or at anytime, but you won't get the full story till I get the full amount.

You can request updates as much as you like, please know by asking to see what is done that the story won't be up to reading standards. I may also note you several times with questions if I have any.

Once I have received payment, I will send the story through your preferred method once it's done. Stories can take anywhere from 2 days to a week to get done, pending on whats going on in my life or if I get sick. I will keep you posted if there is a delay.

Once sent, you may enjoy the story and do whatever you want with it so long as you don't make money off of it.

And that is it, looking forward to your commissions :) (Smile)
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CYOA: Feeling groggy, Kat opens her eyes to see herself in her bedroom where... 

15 deviants said Hears a vibration sound from the other side of her room
12 deviants said Panics as she struggles and screams madly
8 deviants said Sees something moving in the darkness of the room
5 deviants said Looks at her TV which suddenly turns on
4 deviants said She sees a time bomb ticking down from ten minutes on her nightstand
4 deviants said Hears weird noises outside of her room.
4 deviants said Tries to go back to sleep thinking its all a dream



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I found a someone who can make DID, GID and bondage and they are really good! Here's one of hubby-chan's work:…
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thanks for the heads up.
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So, how was your month of May?
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Oh wow! That's going in my favoites for sure!

Im so glad you've seen this series now. I KNEW it would give you so much material to work with!
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well someone else had the pic done, but my stories are catching people's interests. Might do an alt to that story where Levy and Cana fail.
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