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A young woman clad in a pink kimono wearing thigh high dark blue socks walked into a dusty old looking village and in the center of town was a large building which many people were gathering for a live show tonight. A flyer that went past the young woman's socked feet showed a young brown pony tie haired woman named Yuukiya who was a dancer and was performing here tonight.

Seeing the flyer confirmed her presences, the young woman hurried her way to the building to get herself a seat. Once she reached it however she noticed that most of the seats were taken and only a few left were at tables which held a lot of drunken men.

Not willing to share the space with such pigs, the young woman found a table in the back which had a few drunken men. She gave them a warm smile and lean forward to give them a good view and told them if they waited outside for her she would go home with them. Practically tripping over their seats, the men hurried outside to wait for her but the young woman just smiled as she took a seat at the now empty table.

"Good luck getting back in here boys." She said as she held up some tickets which the drunks would need if they wanted to come back in and ripped them in half and waited for the show to start. It wasn't long till everyone was seated, drunk already and began to howl at a closed red curtain which soon drew back and spot lights shine down on a figure clad in a see through white cloak.

The music began to sound out softly all around the room as the figure under the cloak began to sway her hips from side to side, before she began to slightly belly dance and once the music kicked it up a beat she tossed off the white clock to reveal her white and red lined outfit and began to sway her hips from side to side more and shake her body in a way that made the crowd go wild.

"Not bad." The young woman commented as to these drunks were the movements of a dancer but to her she could see they were moves and skill of another kunoichi. "She is the one." The young woman said confirming her target as Yuukiya began to get wild, dancing all over the stage to the music putting on a good show for the men. After an hour of dancing and entertaining the crowd the music ended and Yuukiya waved out to everyone.

"Thanks for coming! It was a great show!" She said waving happily as the curtains drew to a close and the drunks began to file out. As the crowd washed over the young woman's table she vanished in the moment it took an eye to blink.


Yuukiya had retired to her dressing room as she fixed her hair which got a bit wild thanks to the dancing and from sweating a little due to the heat of the spot lights on her as she danced. Having her hair back to the way it was, she set the comb down and sighed.

"You can come out now." She said turning around to see no one in the room but soon one of the ceiling panels was lifted up and the Pink Mist ninja dropped down to the floor clad in her black and pink combo outfit.

"I see you have more going for you than just dancing." The Pink Mist told her crossing her arms.

"I never bothered becoming a full kunoichi, but the old training never dies out." She said standing up. "So, may I ask what you want?"

"You of course, I've been hired to capture you. Just make this easy on yourself." The Pink Mist told her knowing how she would answer.

"I'll say no." Yuukiya replied taking a defensive stance.

"Have it your way." The Pink Mist said as she rushed at Yuukiya who reached behind her at the makeup table and began to throw combs and nail files at the Pink Mist.

"Childs play!" The Pink Mist cried out as she dodged the items with ease and threw a few kunai at Yuukiya who did a cartwheel to dodge the attacks followed by a few backflips to keep their distance as the Pink Mist was closing in.

"You're not half bad." Yuukiya commented as she was now near the snack table and was throwing a few glasses at the Pink Mist.

"Same to you considering you're making do with what is around you." She said as she dodge the glasses and leap into the air in a spin and landed in front of Yuukiya.

"Take this!" Yuukiya said as she attempted to punch the Pink Mist and her punch did land but as soon as it did her attacker's form burst spreading a Pink Mist around the room. "Gaah!" Yuukiya cried out as she felt something very hot in the air and she began to twist her body around like a drill creating a wind motion to blow the pink mist away.

"Ahhh! What was that stuff?" She asked stopping after blowing most of it away but she rubbed her watery eyes.

"Pink mist." Her attacker said appearing once more and they entered a hand to hand combat but with her eyes watering badly and her lack of skill in Taijutsu it wasn't long before the Pink Mist struck several of Yuukiya's pressure points making her slump to the ground.

"Noooo! Mercy!" She pleaded giving her attacker a pleading look.

"You really weren't cut out for this were you?" The Pink Mist commented as she placed Yuukiya into a tight hogtie which made her groan from the tightness and gave her a tight thick cloth gag.

"Mmmmmmphpm." Yuukiya groan weakly in defeat as the Pink Mist carted her off with ease.


Yuukiya had fallen asleep in her attacker's hold, the night of dancing and fighting a ninja had left her exhausted and couldn't help herself but to shut her eyes for some sleep. Her eyes shot open though when there was a loud clang from the metal door shutting behind them as the Pink Mist carried her into a dark wide open room that looked like a barn or air plane hangar.

"I've completed the mission." The Pink Mist said as she set Yuukiya down on the floor and took a few steps back allowing the white clad dancer to struggle lightly in her hogtie.

"Excellent work." Came a female voice as a woman with tied back purple hair showed herself who was wearing a flowing pink and red kimono that exposed her shoulders underneath that is sleeveless black skintight turtleneck, black shorts and legwarmers, and red platform sandals which clacked loudly on the floor. "You've done well." She said with a happy look as the woman looked pleased.

"My payment please." The Pink Mist requested as she wanted to move on to her next job.

"Of course my dear, your payment will be a sleepy one." The woman said as she vanished into thin air as the room began to fill with gas.

"What the?" The Pink Mist cried out shocked as Yuukiya struggled madly on the floor as the green gas was coming right for her. "Dammit." She cursed knowing she was betrayed and seeing no windows and reinforced walls she made her way to the door to see it was sealed shut. "Dammit!" She cried again and kicked at the door and turn around to see the gas already got to her captive and was coming to her mouth level.

"You won't get away with this!" The Pink Mist cried out as the woman's laughter filled the room which was the last thing the Pink Mist herd as the smoke poured into her mouth knocking her out along with Yuukiya.

"Sleep tight, my wonderful little ninja pets." The woman said cackling loudly in victory.


"Hhmmmm." The Pink Mist groan loudly as she started to wake up and as she felt like going back to sleep there was a sudden loud bump as she jolted awake and felt herself being driven somewhere and she gazed around the back of what looked like a covered cart of some sorts. Her target Yuukiya was right next to her and if she could feel her body right and match it to Yuukiya's they were both tied up thickly with rope which wrapped around their wrists, arms and around their chests beneath their breasts.

More rope wrapped around their thighs leading down to the top of their knees and another layer wrapped around their ankles. What was worse is that her mask was missing leaving her blue hair to hang around her shoulders loosely as a thick white cloth wrapped around both their mouths trapping in some strange material in their mouths and knotted tightly behind their heads.

"Mrmprmr!" She grunted as she started to struggle and squirm and as she did this Yuukiya soon woke up and began to do the same. The Pink Mist kicked her feet forward hoping to get some footing but this caused Yuukiya's feet to be moved forward as well kicking the Pink Mist's higher thigh.

"Hrhrnrn!" She grunted at Yuukiya who gave her annoyed look back at her as it wasn't like she did it on purpose.

They both looked down to see a single rope strand connecting their bound ankles as if they were on some kind of chain gang and they both groan annoyed at this. They looked around the cart which there wasn't anything else in it and heavy tarps surrounded them and in their bound state they was no way to move them to see where they were at. As the ride got very bumpy they guess they were at least on some kind of rough road.

Though she hated to do it, the Pink Mist managed to scoot over to Yuukiya's side and looked at the ropes binding her wrists in hopes of finding a knot to undo but due to her annoyance there was no knot as it must have been knotted with in the ropes.

"Rrnrn!" She cursed laying back down hating this as she shut her eyes again having nothing else to do since all her weapons had been removed from reach.

"Mmmpmm." Yuukiya gave her former attacker a sadden look as she sat down next to the Pink Mist and nuzzled aginst her and as the ride grew smooth again they slowly drifted off to sleep again.


"Wakey wakey my little captured ninjas." Their captor said as she held smelling salts below both their noses instantly waking the ninja from their slumber.

"Mrpmr!" They both moan as they shook their heads from the sudden strong smell, each other's hair whipping against the back of each other's neck as their bindings changed as they were now tied back to back while standing with most of their bodies mummified by rope as it ran above and below their breasts most of their waists and shins and ankles. Their cloth gag was slightly altered from OTM to OTN.

They both looked to their side to see the purple haired woman smirking evilly. They glared at her as they tried to break free but like the binding before there was no way to escape.

"My such looks, I hope you really aren't that mad at me for tricking you to capture the other?" She asked with a laugh as they both growled into their gags.

"Allow me to introduce myself, I am Lady Tsunade Rashin." She said as her last name brought shocked looks to both her captive's faces. "Oh my, did that last part strike a nerve?" She asked as they both began to struggle.

To Yuukiya her name was the name mentioned a lot whenever she looked for her parents. From what she gathered it was somehow related to them disappearing when she was younger.

To the Pink Mist, it was a name of a clan that her fellow ninjas had attack long ago to wipe them out.

"A bug who keeps searching out for me and another who was related to the massive raid on my parent's home years ago. Today is the day of vengeance and getting rid of pests’ ladies." She told them both with a smirk.

"Rnrnr!" They cried out struggling hard as they could to get free for different reasons so Yuukiya could question her and the Pink Mist to finish a job that was supposed to be done by now.

"Watch yourselves, it's a long way down." Tsunade pointed out as they looked off to their other side and their faces were glowed upon by a large vat of bubbling yellow greenish acid that would melt them instantly.

"Mrpmr!" They cried out in shock as they tried to wiggle away from the edge of the plank they were force to stand on as the only thing that held up their bound forms was a single strand of rope that was connected to a winch.

"I would love to gloat about how I longed for this day and how you will meet a terrible end, but I got other things to do. So let me fix my rope work a bit." She said as she did some hand signs and rested her hand on the ropes which sprung to life and began to slither around their bodies becoming tighter and more perfectly in binding them.

As Rashin moved her hand away, the rope was still connected to the winch as it lead down to the thin and tight chest harnesses that bound their arms and wrist and wrapped tightly with a complex design around their breasts and even ran under their crotch for a tight crotch rope. Their thighs, below the knees and ankles were bound thickly with rope which was tied in a rope cuff style and the rope was connected between their ankles.

'Mrpmprmmr!" They cried out as Tsunade walked away onto a nearby platform and as she walked the plank they had been standing on followed her leaving the two ninja to eventually hang above the vat of acid leaving their binding rope as the only thing keeping them safe. Though it kept them safe gravity began to pull them down onto their rope which the crotch rope made them squeal loudly.

"Mprmrprmrm!" They cried out shifting slightly which made them swing lightly and the crotch rope further teased them.

"Hahahaha, don't bother trying to free yourself. I and the Rashin clan are masters of rope control. I left no way for you to get out of that and no way to reach the knots, although even if you did undo the knots it be one hell of a fall down." She said laughing again pissing off the Pink Mist.

"Mrmprmrm!" Yuukiya cried out to Tsunade with a glare hoping that would make her mad enough to stick around and mess up so they could get free.

"So enjoy the swinging till you fall." She said ignoring their looks as she took her leave but suddenly stop. "That's right, you don't want to swing all day do you?" She said with a smirk as she spun around and threw a kunai which grazed against the rope leading to the winch and with the rope damaged it slowly began to unravel lowering the girls closer to the vat.

"Mrmrph!" They cried out as they began to struggle hard doing their best to ignore the crotch rope.

"It's been fun ninja girls." Tsunade said laughing as she left.

"Hrhrpmr!" They both cried out as they struggled hard against the rope as it held ever tight around the Pink Mist but for Yuukiya the cut rope began to slightly loosen some of the rope around her chest.

Taking in a deep breath Yuukiya began to work furiously with her body squirming and shifting it from side to side as the rope around her slowly slipped away. The Pink Mist didn't know what she was doing but the rope that was keeping them from falling was getting more and more closer to breaking thanks to her struggles causing the Pink Mist to scream out into her gag for Yuukiya to stop unaware of what she was doing.

As the rope grew close to the breaking point Yuukiya cried out happily into her gag as she managed to finally get her arms loose enough to reach into her hair and pull out a hair needle she had hidden in her pony tie. She used it to cut the rest of herself free and used the Pink Mist as an object she could jump off and landed safely on the platform.

"Rrmrprmrpm!" The Pink Mist cried out as her sudden escape and jump unbalanced the rope causing her to plummet towards the vat. "Nrmrpm!" She cried out closing her eyes and accepting her death, pathetic as it was.

"Hmpmf ohpfm!" Yuukiya cried out to the Pink Mist still not touching her gag as she quickly undid the white cloth that formed her pants to reveal her red panties and whipped the cloth at the Pink Mist. The white cloth wrapped around her ankle stopping her fall leaving her blue hair less than an inch away from the bubbling vat.

"Mmpmpmmmmmm." The Pink Mist groan lightly as she felt her breath taken away as she stared fearfully at the bubbling acid.

"Mmphpm!" Yuukiya groan as she started to lift her fellow ninja up till they were both finally on the platform safely and untied.

"That was close." Yuukiya said undoing her gag and spitting out the thick wade of cloth.

"Th-thank you, but why?" The Pink Mist asked confused undoing her own gag and spitting out the cloth as well.

"Well you did attack me, but right now we are comrades right?" She asked with a friendly smile.

"Yes, I suppose we are." She said as she pulled out a spare pink mask from her pocket and put it on.

"What’s with the mask? You look better without it." Yuukiya commented as the Pink Mist just shook her head.

"It's a good thing you never took up the trade." She said standing up. "Now we have business to finish."

"Right." Yuukiya said as they made their way out of the room and began to search the small complex over but saw no sign of Tsunade.

"Where did she go?" Yuukiya wondered as they walked into a video room.

"My guess, she got scared and ran off." The Pink Mist said playing back a video of Tsunade freaking out on them escaping and running off. "To have been captured by a coward like her, rngng!" She cried out smashing the console destroying it.

"Whoa there, that didn't do anything to you did it?" Yuukiya asked in a humorous tone.

"No, I suppose not." The Pink Mist said as they walked towards the exit and left the building. "I owe you one." She said as they came upon a road that split in different directions.

"Think nothing of it, but if we're keeping score you owe me two for attacking me like you did." She said with a smile.

"I suppose so." She replied with a nod.

"Say what’s your name?" Yuukiya asked curious.

"You can just call me the Pink Mist." She replied vanishing in a swirl of leafs.

"That, don't sound like a real name." Yuukiya said as she shrugged her shoulders. "I hope we meet again!" She called out as she headed off knowing her fans had to be wanting another dance show night.

The end.
Here is the first part of a rather large trade with my good friend :iconmaidenseeker: which his OC  Yuukiya the dancing traveler by maidenseeker and my OC My Eighth Deadly OC: The Pink Mist by ED3765  get into that usual damsel trouble. I hope you all enjoy!

As always, read, comment and fav.


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