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November 25, 2013
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"Clean? What do you mean clean?" Mina asked as she was dressed in a white shirt with dark green skirt on with black ankle socks on.

"Just what I said, this place is getting messy and someone needs to clean it up." Alex said as she was getting ready for some softball practice and had most of her uniform on and was currently putting on her knee high red socks. "Me and Natalie need to practice and Hana is running our errands for the day."

"B-But don't we have a maid?" Mina asked as she came from a large mansion which each room had one or more maids assigned to keep it clean.

Alex looked at her and shook her head smiling a little. "We're just finishing high school Mina. We can barely afford this place much less a maid as if we even need one in the first place." Alex said as she put on the last sock and began to put on her shoes.

"B-But, I think it would be great having a maid around here in a cute little French maid outfit." Mina said trying to make it sound like a good deal as Alex rolled her eyes.

"Then buy a French maid outfit and put it on if that's your thing, just make sure everything is clean by tonight." Alex said standing up and grabbing her sports bag.

"Fine." Mina said with a pout as she had an idea as Alex opened the door.

"And no, you may not call Penny to trick her into doing it. You have to do it." Alex said with a goodbye as she left.

"Neeen nnaaa haaneee." Mina said making fun of Alex as she wondered how one exactly did clean a living place.


"So is she going to clean it?" Natalie asked as she and Alex waited at the bus station as Natalie wore her red cheerleader outfit.

"Yeah, but I have to wonder if she knows how to do it." Alex said with worry but put it to the back of her mind. "Let’s just worry about practice, we need to sync up so you can send our team messages during the game on what to do to beat the other team." Alex said as Natalie nodded.

Their school had a history of using its cheerleader squad for more than whipping the crowd into a frenzy and giving pep to the players. They were also used to relay secret maneuvers and instructions when the game got dicey.

"Let’s just hope it's easy to learn this time.” Alex said as she opened up a compact mirror and began to check her face.

"Yeah-" Natalie began to say as a hand suddenly clamp over her mouth from behind and dragged her behind some nearby bushes before she could even let out a yelp.

"Say, did you ever finish that homework?" Alex asked unaware that Natalie was currently being bound and gagged. "Natalie?" Alex said closing her mirror and no sooner did it shut that she was also grabbed and dragged behind the bush where tape was used on both of them to tie them up and gag them before they were knocked out with a soaked rag.


"Mprmrprm?" Alex and Natalie moan as they woke up and as they did they heard voices that were, familiar.

"They're up, Alex." A female dressed exactly like Natalie said.

"Right you are, Natalie." A female looking exactly like Alex said.

"Mrprmr!" Both the bound Alex and Natalie cried out in shock as they were looking at themselves.

"Morning sleepy heads." A female with long dark hair wearing a green cheerleader outfit said stepping into view. Natalie glared as this woman was Nancy, head of their rival schools' cheerleader squad. "Have you guys met your doppelgangers? I like you to meet Natalia and Alexandria." She said with a smile.

"Mrprmrmr!" Both Alex and Natalie moan out struggling as they were both bound tightly to chairs thanks to some rope and cloths keeping them quiet.

"Hello me." Natalia said with a grin and wave.

"How you feeling me?" Alexandria said with a cocky grin as their real ones glared back.

"Now you two get going, don't want to miss your practice." Nancy told the fakes as they nodded and grab Natalie's and Alex's sports bags and headed out. "Can't tell you how much time we had to spend at the beauty salon to make them look like that." Nancy said as Alex and Natalie kept glaring.

"Settle down you two, we only want all your secrets so our softball team can go to state this year." Nancy said as Alex began to struggle like mad in her chair. "Though I admit your reputation will take a hit, but oh well." Nancy said not caring.

"Mrrmrpmrmmm!" Alex whined for if her double is caught spilling the beans she will without a doubt be kicked off or demoted on the team.

"Now while they are at work, why not make it easy on yourselves and tell me what you already know about your plays and secret game signs?" Nancy asked as they both shook their heads no. "Goody, I was hoping you say no." She said revealing a long feather making both bound girl’s eyes go wide with fear.


"Hey there." The fake Alex said to her teammates as she joined them on the field and they all replied hello without a second thought of who she really ways.

Grinning, she took her place among the team and waited for the coach to come and instruct them on the secret playing signs.


"Hey girls!" The fake Natalie said high fiving her fellow cheerleaders and they all high five back not realizing she was a fake.

Grinning, the fake took up her place and waited for her coach to spill what secrets they had to cheer out to the softball and other sport teams.


"Mrprmrpm! Hrhprrmprm! Nprnrpnr! Hrhrprhrhrm! Mrprmprm!" Alex and Natalie squirmed, squealed and laughed loudly into their gags as their chairs creaked loudly from their struggles as Nancy took the feathers and ran it all over their exposed skin and lifted up their shirts and tickled their bellies and even removed their shoes and danced her fingers over their red socked feet.

"Come on, spill what you know!" Nancy demanded as Alex and Natalie were crying from laughing so much and hard.

"Nrnrprn!" They both shook their heads as they wouldn't betray their teams.

"This is too much work, but I must do what I must do for the team." She said as she kept up the tickling mercilessly.

"Mrprmrmrm!" They both kept crying out as they didn't recover from the last tickling, but before Nancy was able to get to far into it her phone range.

"Excuse me." Nancy said politely as she took a few steps away from them and began to girl talk into her phone.

"Mpmrmmmm." Both Alex and Natalie moan in relief but quickly noticed she was distracted by her phone conversation. They both looked at each other and began to gently scoot their chairs together and began to work on each other's bonds.

"Yeah, then she was like this, and I was like that and so we were like so." Nancy said as she glanced back at the two seeing them not doing anything even though they were closer together than what she last saw them. "Then she was all like, what?! And I was all like, yeah!" She said turning back around.

"Mrpmr." Alex and Natalie grinned as they finished untying each other and slowly began to sneak up on Nancy.

"So then I was like, you need to shut upmrprm!" She cried out as Natalie hand gag her from behind and dragged her toward the chairs as Alex took her phone.

"Sorry, the person you are speaking with suddenly got tied up." Alex said in kind of automated call voice tone as she hung up the phone and assisted Natalie in binding Nancy.

"MRPRHRPRM!" Nancy cried out as she glared at the two as rope and tape was used to bind and gag her tightly to the chair.

"This should hold her, we better get over to the school field." Natalie said as she was about to start running before Alex stopped her.

"Why should we spoil our fake's fun? If they wanted to learn our secrets I say we let them." Alex said with a devious grin as she flipped Nancy’s phone open and Natalie shared the same look.


"Right, change of plans." The coaches said as they gathered the softball and cheerleaders together and were about to being their meeting when their phone rang and after talking on the phones they each shot Alex and Natalie's fakes a glancing glare. "Today will be drills and cleaning up the area instead of the planned meeting we had in mind." They said making the girls groan and the fakes confused.

The coaches had most of the girls do some drills and pick up the trash on the playing field but for the fakes they had given them rigorous drills that worked them to their core and by the time they were done they both drop dead to the ground breathing hard.

"This, wasn't the plan." The fake Alex said as she panted hard.

"No, why did things change so suddenly?" The fake Natalie asked.

"Poor sportsmanship." The real Alex and Natalie said as they walk into view of the fakes with their teams behind them which made them gulp. "But let’s show you another secret of our school." Alex said as the team’s laughed as they dragged the tired fakes to the locker rooms.


It was game day and Alex’s team was ahead by ten points as Natalie and her cheerleaders were keeping the crowd in good spirits while informing the softball players on what to do with their cheer tactics.

“What happened to the fakes?” A cheerleader asked Nancy who was on the sidelines which she was in a foul mood.

“I don’t know, but I can’t believe that plan failed. When I see those fakes I’ll make them regret on bailing out of the plan.” She said as the opposite team’s mascots, the Duo Rams took the field. “God I hate mascots.” She said with a roll of her eyes.

“Want to pick on them and beat them up after the game?” A cheerleader asked as Nancy agreed as that sounded like fun.

Inside of the duo ram mascot suits were the fake Natalia and Alexandria which they had been left gagged and tied in a way that they were forced to play out as the mascots till the end of the game.

“Mrprmrmrm!” They both whined which nobody could herd because of the heavy suits they wore. They kept dancing around the field as the team they worked for kept booing and picking on them till the end of the game. It didn’t play for them to try and take the other team’s secrets in the end.

The end.
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asdfjfj Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
I can only imagine what Mina's day was like.
ED3765 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student Writer
Perhaps that is another story ;)
asdfjfj Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013
Nice hint.
ro781727 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
Another typical day for Alex. I also liked the humor Mina and her laziness at the beginning. We all know someone like that.
David-presents Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
I think Nancy needs to start paying more attention to her captives when she's gabbing on the phone!
ED3765 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Student Writer
sounds like it was a important call though DP, hard to keep track of your captives when one is gabbing away.
MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013
this was cool
Whyita Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You know what? After reading this, I want to resume writing. So thanks :)
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