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January 22


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"Are you sure about this? Jessie always sends us to the weirdest of places." Amelia asked as she and her friend Beth walked towards a store that had things they needed on sale.

"It's a hardware store, how strange can it be?" Beth said as she had short green hair and wore a basic blue school uniform with black tights and brown flat shoes.

"It can be strange." Amelia said as she had light purple hair tied into a hair braid and wore the same outfit but with above the knee thick white socks.  

They walked till they reached the outer shopping district to see a store with rope and tape on a large sign with the word 'SALE' plastered on the windows.

"Here goes." Beth said as they entered the store and looked around to see no one there and the only thing filling the walls was different colors of rope and tape. "Ummmm, where is everyone?" Beth questioned.

"Forget that, what store only sells rope and tape? I thought this was a hardware store?" Amelia pointed out as they walked in further and began to examine the items as Amelia looked at one wall and Beth looked at the other. As they did, the rope and tape behind them began to flinch and move a little as if alive.

"I don't know Amelia, let’s get out of here." Beth said as she turn around to look at her friend. As she did her eyes widen as the tape on the top shelves were slowly moving down towards her. Seeing this she opened her mouth to scream and warn her friend, but before she could let out any sounds a thick layer of rope came rushing around her mouth like a snake.

"Mrprm!" She cried out weakly which Amelia didn't hear as Beth was soon brought down to her knees as more and more rope bound her body mummifying her upper body and the middle of her legs. This left Beth completely restrained and gagged as she whimpered and moan into her gag.

"I'm not seeing anything Beth, lets-" Amelia said as she turn around and looked down and looked on in horror as her friend Beth was reduced to a squirming looking bug on the ground with all the rope binding her.

"MRPRMRRM!" Beth scream out with all her might to warn her friend.

"BETHHPRMRPMRRM!" Amelia cried out in shock before the tape that had been slithering down towards her wrap around her mouth thickly silencing her screams as more began to wrap around her body. More and more tape wrapped around her body till she was completely mummified in a rainbow of color tape and she soon joined Beth on the floor in her squirms as the only thing left uncovered on her body was her nose.

"Mrpmrprmrpmr!" They both cried out into their gags as they squirmed with all their might despite the rope digging into Beth's skin and the sticky tape pulling at Amelia's skin.

"Well well well." Came a voice of a white haired gentlemen who stepped out of the back dressed in a tan old looking clothing with a black overcoat. "Seems my rope and tape just couldn't wait to go home with you before binding you. No matter, you'll soon become what binds you." He promised both girls as he dragged them into the back of the store.

Both Beth and Amelia whimpered loudly into their gags as they worried about their friend Jessie who had taken some of the cursed binding’s home to her large family.


"I'm home!" Jessie called out as she had long dark brown hair and wore a red and pink school uniform with thigh black socks and she removed her flat brown shoes and wiggled her socked toes happy to get the cramp sweaty shoes off.

"Dinner is almost ready." Jessie's mother Liz called out from the kitchen making her smile.

"Okay." She said setting down her hardware supplies which of course the bag was full of the special rope and tape. With them on the ground she grabbed her cell phone and quickly checked her messages before the phone was promptly ripped from her hand.

"Hey, mother said no cell phones at the table." Jessica, Jessie's older sister who had short brown hair with large breasts wearing a black t-shirt with blue ripped jeans and black socks said in a teasing tone.

"Hey! Give that back! We're not at the table yet!" Jessie said trying to grab the phone.

"No fighting girls!" Liz shouted out in a warning motherly tone.

"Next time shrimp." Jessica said tossing it back and went into the kitchen.

"One day." Jessie thought in a dark tone as she went into the kitchen and behind her the rope and tape crawled out from the bag and began to spread throughout the house.

"Welcome home big sis!" Jacy who was the youngest sister of the home said as she was two years younger than Jessie and had shoulder length brown hair and wore a white and orange colored dressed with black tights.

"Hey Jacy." Jessie said taking her seat for a meat loaf dinner.

"You guys make sure to eat everything and Jessica you are the one who cleans up the table afterwards." Liz who was young looking mother with her brown hair in a hair tie wearing a white shirt with blue jeans and light blue socks said.

"Yeah yeah." Jessica said annoyed.

"I need to get ready to go, I'll be back before bedtime." She said giving them each a kiss on the head before rushing upstairs.

"You two better not bother me tonight." Jessica warned them with a glare as she enjoyed nights her mother was gone for she could blast her music loudly.

"Whatever." Both her younger sisters said as they enjoyed the meal.

They had spent the rest of the meal in silence besides the light hum of the cell phones signaling they got text messages. They would check them but their mother drilled it hard into them that meal time was meal time and nothing else. Though many minutes had passed and their mother never came back downstairs.

"Ughh, she is not ruining my night." Jessica said as she got up and went to check on her mother.

"Is bigger sister having a boyfriend over?" Jacy asked.

"What do you think?" Jessie said with an eye roll as they finished their meal and with much longer passing neither their mother nor sister came down.

"Why haven't they come back down?" Jacy asked now concerned.

"Go ahead and eat dessert, I'll check." Jessie said concerned herself as her younger sister cheered in joy at the extra sugar. Wasting no time Jessie climb the stairs two at a time till she was at the top and found things very quiet except for an odd muffled sound. She followed the sound to her mother's bedroom and slowly approached the closed door with caution as she had a bad feeling.

"Mom? Jessica? This isn't April 1st and I'm not laughing." Jessie said as the strange sound only got stronger as she got closer. With a shaking hand she turn the door knob and threw the door open fully expecting her mom and sister to pull some bad prank but what she saw made her gasp and slowly back away.

"MRPRMRRPMRRPM!" Both of them cried out as they were tied back to back with rope as their arms were bound to their sides and their legs were tied to each other as well in a criss-cross formation as a thick layer of tape wrapped around their mouths. "MRPRMRPMRPRM!" They both cried out again as Jessie could only look on in horror and shock unaware of two strands of rope creeping up behind her.

"MRPRMRPMRPRMR!" They both scream as they saw the rope and tried to warn her but by the time her senses started to return, the rope strike and wrapped around both her arms and snaked down towards her wrists and tried to pull her arms together.

"Gaaaaaaah! Get off! Get off!" Jessie scream in a panic as she flailed her arms around despite the unseeable force trying to pull them together.

"Rrmrprmrpmr!" Both her mother and sister cried out for her to run but Jessie only ran around till she went into the bathroom and fell into the bathtub from her panicked running.

"Get off!" She scream again as the rope began to bind her arms together and with her right shoulder she accidently turn on the tub faucet making the water run which she held her arms over the water. The rope began to soak up the running water making them wet and heavy and with their movement and weight they fell from her arms and squirmed in the filling tub.

"Mom! Sister!" Jessie scream getting out of the tub with her thigh socks and skirt wet and ran to the room her family was bound in.

"Mrprmrpm!" They cried out again wanting her to just run and get help.

"Hold on." She said breathlessly as she began to tug at their tape gag which held tighter than regular duct tape. After some heavy tugging she managed to get some tape off her mother's lips.

"Jessie! Run! For the love of god run and get help!" Liz cried out as tears welled in her eyes.


"NO BUTS! RUN!" She shouted as some tape appeared in the hallway and began to roll towards them.

"RRPRMR!" Jessica also yelled out with a look saying run.

"I'll, I'll get help!" Jessie said as she started to run and managed to dive out of the way of the tape that tried to attack her.

She had gotten downstairs and immediately went to the kitchen to grab Jacy but like her sister and mother, living rope had bound her to the chair as a thick layer of tape gagged and blindfold her.

"MRPRMRPRMFFFPM!" She scream out in a panic through her gag as she struggled furiously in the bindings.

"Jacy, I'm getting help!" Jessie assured her and with tears streaming down her cheek as she left her younger sister there as she ran towards the front door. But to her horror the front door had been taped shut. "No! God no!" She shouted as she tried to pull the door open but the tape didn't let it budge an inch. "Crap crap crap!" She shouted as she found it hard to think and after a few moments she remembered her cell phone and pulled it out only to see Jessica had left it on leaving the battery dead. "Shit!" She cursed now hating her sister even more and then got an idea.

Racing back up the stairs and she went into the bedroom to see the tape she had dodged was now mummifying her mother and sister.

"Mrprmrpffmfpmf!" They both cried out as they squirmed hard like worms.

"Jessica, I need your phone!" Jessie said which her sister cried out through the tape but since her body was nearly mummified there was no way to reach it. "Why, why is this happening?" Jessie wanted to know as she heard a throat clear behind her. She spun around to see an elderly man with white hair standing there with a grin as he held a limp Jacy between his body and arm.

"Who, no, you!" She said recognizing him from the hardware store. "What the hell is all this?!" Jessie demanded to know.

"Thank you for buying so much of my rope and tape young madam. They are making more fine materials for my store." He said still grinning.

"What, what do you mean?" Jessie asked confused.

"I believe you sent two friends to my store, Beth and Amelia I believe." He said opening his coat.

"Oh god, please don't do anything to them!" She begged breaking down in tears.

"Oh, too late for that but I assure you they will do something to you. Please, allow them to bind you." He said as a coil of rope and a roll of tape jump out of his coat and at Jessie who soon blacked out as the bindings hit her body.

"Hehehehehahahahaha!" The man laughed as Liz and Jessica also soon blacked out.


"Welcome to Jim's hardware store." The white haired man said as he stood behind his counter as a male construction worker entered his store.

"Hey, I like to buy some rope and tape for a project." He said taking out some money.

"Excellent to hear sir, may I recommend this family of rope and tape? They even have some friends who is also rope and tape." He said pointing to his new items on the shelf behind him making the worker laugh thinking it was a joke.

"Sure, I'll go with those." He said laying out some money.

"Excellent sir, say do you have a large family? No doubt you will need some rope and tape for their daily needs." He said with an eerie grin.

The end.
OC month continues with a story that dips into a Halloween type story. Just remember folks, if the store seems strange don't go into it! Hope you all enjoy.

As always, read, comment and fav.

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KandosMarios Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student General Artist
it's a very well written urban novelty story. keep up the good work!

hey, check my late journal and live me a comment too.
KandosMarios Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2014  Student General Artist
it's a very well made urban style novelty story. keep up the great work.!
IntnstyAngle Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014
I love enchanted rope/tape peril... it's awesome :P.
WhiteRavenLord Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Oooo snap, that is definitely a different take on living bondage materials that's for sure.
Gumala Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Creepy. But nice.
Well phrased too. 
Animated /enchated rope/tape is a favourite of mine, use it in my own stories too.
But that the tied up girls become the rope/tape themselves, thats very wicked.
Like the piece.

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