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Heartsville, home to a loving queen and a more loving princess Ocela. The royal guard who keeps them safe work hard night and day keeping away anyone who might take them away. Though the guard captains are two sisters named Clarissa and Chrissy Oblige. They were loving sisters, very loving sisters who fulfilled their duty perfectly day in and day out.

Clarissa was more of a smart bookie female who used her wits and pure personality to overcome situations. While her sister Chrissy was more of a hot headed strong girl who used brute strength to fix her problems. On this day though Chrissy would learn she needs self-control and anger management class.

Clarissa was walking from the castle library after checking out some good bedtime reading material for the princess when she heard a loud shout, a shout from none other than her sister Chrissy.

"Oh no, what she do now?" She wondered rushing towards the sound.

--- 5 Minutes earlier ---

Chrissy was patrolling the hallways, ensuring everything was orderly and everyone was doing their job. It made her happy when things were running smooth because that meant she wouldn't get a lecture from the queen or princess.

Nearing the end of her rounds, she was going to go check up on her sister in the library when she spotted two female guards slacking off next to a far off corner.

"What the hell?" She grumbled angrily stomping towards the guards.

"And so she was like all that and then I was like so what?" One of the guards said as they giggled at the poor joke.

"Hey you two!" Chrissy called out making both women groan and roll their eyes.

"Yes Captain?" They both said standing in attention.

"What do you think you two are doing? Aren't you supposed to be patrolling the hallways?" She asked glaring.

"Yeah, nothing going on so we took a break." One of them said in a lazy tone making a vein throb on Chrissy's forehead.

"It's good that there is nothing going on, but you still need to do your duty!" Chrissy lectured them both.

"Uhhnn, chill lax captain. Nothing goes on so why be so high and tight?"

"High and tight? Are you disobeying my orders? Do you not care for our kingdom ruler’s safety?"

"Well yeah but why act like mindless soldiers 8 hours a day?" One of them asked angering Chrissy.

"Enough of this, both of you return to your duty now or I'll be forced to punish you both!" She warned.

"Then punish us, captain." They both said becoming defiant though what Chrissy didn't know was a third solider was sneaking up on her with rope and cloth in hand.

"Fine, both of you march to the throne room. You can be lectured by the queen instead of me." She said with a stern look.

"No." They replied.

"Why you two." She said having enough as she was about to grab them both by the ear but before that could happen some rope was wrapped around her arms and chest suddenly. "Gahhh!" She cried out loudly as she started to struggle as the two guards grinned and pulled out their own rope.

"Why not take a break captain?"

"Being a big bitch can tire one out." The other guard said as they began to tie her up.

"Stop this!" Chrissy yelled out loudly.

“You really should relax ma’am.” They said as they began to remove her armor as well


"Sister! What’s wrong?" Clarissa yelled out getting to the scene only to see three soldiers tying up her sister who’s top armor was off to reveal her black t-shirt and which most of her upper body was bound and she had a dark purple knotted cloth gagging her as her legs were being restrain. "Sister!" She yelled out.

"Well well, if it isn't the goodie sister, come to ruin our fun?" One of the guards asked as Chrissy struggled madly in their hold while giving her sister a pleading look.

"Rmpmrpm!" Chrissy cried out still struggling.

"Sister...." Clarissa said blushing at her sister’s situation making Chrissy chew on her gag from her sister being embarrassed by this. "Why are you doing this?"

"Your sister was being her hot headed self, we felt she needed to cool off. Now you going to be a good sister or do you need to be taught a lesson as well?" The guards asked getting more rope.

"I....." Clarissa said thinking about it. "I don't want any trouble." She said placing her hands behind her back, wishing to be with her sister without issue.

"Crmprrmssmp!" Chrissy cried out not believing she gave up.

"Sorry sis." Clarissa said as her armor was removed as well to reveal her black t-shirt and then her wrists were restrain followed by her arms.

"RRMPRMR!" Chrissy grunted stomping her foot on the ground being completely irritated before it was restrain with rope.

"You're not going to hurt us are you?" Clarissa asked as her legs were also restrained.

"Of course not, you two just need a break is all." The guard said holding up a balled up cloth.

Clarissa nodded understanding as she opened her mouth as the ball was packed deeply into her mouth followed by a purple cloth being pulled over her mouth and nose and knotted tightly behind her red hair.

"Mrprmmm." She moan as the rope on her body was tightly knotted off leaving them both bound and gagged. She had hope being tied up next to her sister would ease her suffering from this situation.

"Now then, to get these two a room." The guard said chuckling as they were both lifted up and taken over to a nearby closet and stuffed into it.

"Mrprmrm!" They both cried out struggling weakly in the closet.

"Don't worry, we'll be back in a few hours. Maybe." The guards chuckled before shutting the door leaving them trapped in darkness.

Clarissa had an over the nose gag with rope binding her wrists and elbows with it running above and below her breasts making them puff out more into her shirt. More was tied around the top of her thighs where the end of her socks were and more around her boot covered ankles. The binding was the same for her sister Chrissy but she had a knotted cloth gag which drool drip from and onto her shirt.

Now they were both stuck in a tight closet, their bodies very close to each other as their light struggles kept rubbing their bodies together as they moan lightly with red faces that matched their hair.

Though they were helpless, they enjoyed their time together as they snuggled with each other in their bound form enjoying each other's company being unable to do anything else.

Several hours would pass before they were found, by none other than the queen herself and began to lecture the two on playing a tie up game when the princess was just kidnapped while they were goofing off. This lecture only pissed Chrissy off as she would make the guards pay for this sooner or later.

The end.
Here is my half trade with :icondoctoransem: Which he does a story for me and I did one for him based on my shared OCs My Shared OCs: Clarissa and Chrissy by ED3765

His part should be up soon. So enjoy everyone!

As always, read, comment and fav.

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BooButtz Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2015
A classic "Uptight Authority Figure get's bound" story. I like it, but it's Too unbelievable. The guards randomly tie up their Captain, their BOSS? They're obviously gonna get fired, i.e. beheaded for  insubordination. The two sisters should have just been normal guards of the same rank. And The Queen finding the girls and accusing them of playing "tie up games" was kinda weird. Why was the Queen, and not her servants, going around and checking closets? And you'd think she'd be more upset that her daughter was just kidnapped, and blamed the kidnapping on the incompetence of the two sisters .

I still liked chrissy's anger being bound, and I thought Clarissa was very sweet. Having her surrender to avoid any harm was interesting and clever. Very cute how they snuggled in their bondage. I want to see more of these two cuties.
ro781727 Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014
Wow, that's one stupid Queen.
DoctorAnsem Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hoho, what a lovely little ficlet. Thanks for the work!

Now I need to get on with my own.
Whyita Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rookie guards...they're in trouble now XD
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