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January 13


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Worksville, a happy small little town full of great people who work day in and day out to make a nice quiet peaceful living. At least they were hard working till a twenty year old female named Procrasntina moved to town who had long shimmering blond hair usually wearing a white top with a brown skirt with black stockings with black boots.

She was a very innocent female, never meaning harm or to hurt even a fly but her actions brought much unknown grief to the town as for anyone who talks to her tends to procrastinate a lot.

As the sun shined on another beautiful day Procrasntina made her way from her small home on the outskirts of town towards town and on her way she walk past the carpenter who was outside making some chairs.

"Hello there Procrasntina." He called out to her as she waved and went over to talk to him and they talked for a few minutes.

"Nice talking to you." She said with a friendly wave as she went on her way.

"Nice kid." He said sitting on his house porch steps and yawned.

"Herb, you finish that chair for my mother?" His wife called out through the window.

"Sorry dear, I don't feel like working on it today. Maybe tomorrow, maybe." He said wanting to just stare at the sky.

"But my mother needs a chair for her bad back!" She called out as he knew he had to finish it but didn't feel like it none the less.

Next Procrasntina talked to the artist and after some exchange of words she skipped along to her destination as the artist sat down and just started at his canvas.

"Oh man, I feel like a nap but I got to finish that painting for my girlfriend to fall in love with me." He said not feeling like picking up his art brush.  

Along her way Procrasntina went by the bakers which the baker was currently rolling out dough for her famous cookies and doughnuts.

"Hi there Procrasntina!" She called out to her as they chatted briefly before Procrasntina continued on her way, free cookie in hand.

"What a sweet child." She said as she suddenly didn't feel like working on her baked goods any longer.

"Some of your doughnuts please." Nel, a female with dark hair wearing a brown shirt with a blue skirt and black tights with brown shoes said.

"Oh hey Nel, sorry but I haven't baked them yet and I don't feel like firing up the oven anymore today. Come back tomorrow when I'll feel like it, maybe." The baker said walking away as Nel glared at Procrasntina's far off backside.

"First the carpenter for my chair, then my boyfriend and now my sweets? The doughnuts are the last straw!" Nel said not pleased with Procrasntina being in town any longer as she began to form a devious plan to make her leave for good.


Procrasntina yawned loudly as she finished her meal after a long day and slowly made her way to bed. As she moved towards her bed a shadow began to move along the darkness that filled her home.

Once reaching her bed she yawned again as she pulled back the bed covers and as she about to get in, a hand holding a chloroform cloth suddenly wrapped around her mouth as an arm wrapped around her arms and chest.

"Mrpmrprm!" She cried out into the cloth as her words were muffled and a sweet smell invaded her head and body. "Nnnprmffpm." She moan again as she struggled a little to stake awake but soon welcomed sleep as she passed out and went limp into the arms of her attacker.

"Nighty night Procrasntina." Nel said with a laugh as she dragged the sleeping woman away.


"Mrprmr? Hrhrprmrpm!" Procrasntina cried out as she suddenly woke up to see herself surrounded by wooden walls of a crate with the lid off. A thick layer of rope wrapped around her arms and chests as her crossed wrists were bound behind her back as more rope wrapped around her bent legs which covered her shins and thighs. A thick blue cloth kept her gagged as something soft filled her mouth.

She struggled a little, trying to find some weak point in the rope to break free from but the rope held tight despite her struggles and she soon had to stop and breathed hard from her struggles.

"Morning dear Procrasntina." Nel said walking into the room holding a hammer and some nails for the crate lid.

"Mrrpmrpmr!" Procrasntina cried out to her wanting an answer as to why she was doing this.

"Oh Procrasntina dear, you're poison to this town and everyone you talk to ends up procrastinating. Sorry, but I'm not going to allow you to remain in this town. I'm going to ship you somewhere far far away." Nel said with a grin as she grabbed the lid.

"Mrpmrpm! Nrpnr! Rnrpnr!" Procrasntina cried out as she looked around and saw a nail sticking out in the comer to the left behind her on the crate. She scooted her way over and began to rub the rope binding her wrists against the nail in hopes of quickly cutting it.

"Enjoy the ride." Nel said slamming the lid over Procrasntina before she noticed what she was doing and began to nail it shut.

"Mrprmrmr!" Procrasntina cried out as she kept on grinding the rope against the nail in hopes it would break before she was shipped. "Mrprm." She cried out as the box suddenly moved as she was being transported.

"Mmrrmmmmmmhh." Procrasntina whined as she worked harder at the rope moving her limbs faster and faster till after much work the one rope strand broke and she was able to free her wrists by tugging a few times on the loosen rope.

Even with them free the box was still very tight and she had to wiggle and squirm her body around till she was able to slip a hand up enough to pull the gag down around her chin and with some work spat out the thick fluffy pink cloth that filled her mouth.

"Almost there." Nel said as the post office came into view.

"Nel! Please stop! I don't mean to do any of it! It's not my vault they get lazy!" Procrasntina cried out through the box.

"No!" Nel cried out cursing herself for not taking the time to make a thicker better gag. "I don't care, I'm shipping you off!" She declared as she went to move the box but suddenly felt like laying down instead.

"Please, don't do it." Procrasntina begged again.

"Dammit." Nel cursed as she felt herself becoming lazy. "Fine, I won't ship you. I think I'll go look up some random videos online or just stare at a screen." Nel said with a sigh as she walked off.

"Thank you!" Procrasntina called out happy that she wasn't going to be shipped anymore. "Ummm, can you release me please? Hello? Nel? Nel!? Oh no...." Procrasntina said as she was still stuck in the box and every time someone tried to free her, as soon as she talked they no longer felt like freeing her even though they knew they had to. In the end Procrasntina regagged herself to ensure she would be freed, eventually.

The end.
Another story for my OC month and this story has to do with a subject that plagues me and many other artists here on DA. Procrastinating on our work, don't deny it you all do it. =p

So if you want to blame someone, blame Procrastina! But if you talk to her ensure she is gagged first :p

As always, read, comment and fav.

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NuttyJimmyFan Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014
Hmm ... I don't feel like doing anything now. Except take a nice, long, nap and ZZZ ...
ugiel Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Short and, well, weird, but still very nice :) Enjoyable thing to read ;)
ED3765 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Student Writer
well I wanted it to be longer, but I began to procrastinate and well had to cut it short =p
ugiel Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I know that feel :D
J-rouge Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
You know I really felt like writing nice decent size comment but I suddenly just feel like taking a nape and watching tv, So awesome story and funny :D
ED3765 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Writer
I know the feeling
Created-By-Caz Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Very imaginative!  I think I've definitely had several visits from her recently.
ED3765 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Writer
we've all had too many visits from her Caz :P
David-presents Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2014  Hobbyist Writer

Now that was a truly inspired tale, Ed.  After reading this story I realize that Procrastina must work for the government!

:star: :star: :star: :star: :star:

ED3765 Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2014  Student Writer
not sure how the government comes in, but she has to work for someone.
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