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Keiko was sprawled out on her living room couch and with a yawn she glanced at the clock to see it was getting close to 3 pm. It was the day after thanksgiving and she had the day off from her school and her parents were out all day shopping. But they told her she had to bring up the holiday decorations before they got home at 4.

Keiko yawned again, the meals she had eaten yesterday left her lazy and not willing to move a inch but with her will power she forced herself up and to her bedroom. She changed out of a green camisole and white underwear PJs into Black short sleeved blouse with Pink pants with black socks and matching shoes.

She headed over to the door and opened it and peered down into the deep dark basement. She had a shiver as if she could feel something dangerous down there, even when she was little she always hated going down there even with someone being with her and going down alone she hated it even more.

"Nothing's down there Keiko, grab the stuff and get out of there." She told herself as she flipped the switch and a lone bulb flicked on and she descended the wood creaky staircase.

"Why is this place always creepy?" She asked as she thought it was even colder down here than usual. "Now where is that stuff?" She wondered as she looked around for some boxes that had a big C on it but as she looked she suddenly saw one of the basement windows shattered.

"What on earhpmtpmp!" She began to say before a strip of tape was suddenly pulled over her lips silencing her and the shock of the moment weaken her enough that she was pulled into a nearby chair where a tall dark dressed stranger bound her hands behind the old wooden chair with tape which he wrapped tightly around her wrists.

"Hrrphrprmrr!" Keiko grunted as she struggled to get free but couldn't as her attacker used more tape to bind her to the chair by wrapping it around her chest to the back of the chair. Running out of tape the attacker grabbed some nearby Christmas lights and used them to bind her lower legs tightly as he wrapped one string around her thighs and another around her lower legs towards her ankles. Keiko shifted in her binding trying to get the lights sticking out from the string away from her legs.

"Mrmrpmrr!" Keiko moan as she struggled as her attacker backed off. Fear filled her body and soul as she had to wonder what he do to her with her being so helpless. With struggling not helping her much she looked up and saw the person set up a video camera which seem to have an odd attachment.

She watched as he set it up and hit a button which made a red number appear which had the amount of one hour on it which slowly began to tick downwards with a loud beep with each minute passed.

"Mhprhrp!" She grunted having a good idea what it was.

"Enjoy your last hour of your life." Her attacker said. "The feed of that camera is being sent up stairs onto your tv. When your parents walk in they should have enough time to see your frighten helpless form before a good quarter of this block is blown away. Happy holidays." The attack said as he climb the steps out of the basement.

"Rhrhprmrpmr!" Keiko moan and struggled in her chair furiously trying to break the tape that bound her but no matter how hard she pulled it didn't weaken or break. With tear filled eyes she could only watch in horror as the timer tick down to zero.

The end.
A simple request from :iconjankacperek111: where he wanted keiko from Yu Yu hakusho to once again have a blast of an ending.

I hope you like.

As always, read, comment and fav.



I don't own any characters used in this story.
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MegaElekid947 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
thank you
Fal-Den Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
All I want for Christmas is the bomb to stop.
ThisIsMyNewUserName3 Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012  Student Digital Artist
Gotta love those bomb perils >w<
VoGoshinki Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Very entertaining.
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