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"We're almost there, keep a sharp eye out Soifon." Yoruichi said as they were crossing a pathway between the world of the dead and living but as they traveled it there was a sudden shaking that made them stop.

"What is that?" Soifon asked as she looked around and suddenly the path began to crumble.

"This isn't good!" Yoruichi stated as they were both quickly swallowed up by a dark abyss that emerged from the destroyed floor.


"Where are we?" Soifon asked as she slowly came to and stood up to see Yoruichi do the same.

"Where in a thick forest of some kind." Yoruichi pointed out as they looked around and in the distance saw a village surrounded by a huge wall.

"Are we, in the world of the living?" Soifon asked.

"I think so." Yoruichi said as she walked onto the main road. "Soifon, lets look around."

"Right, we won't be seen so we can easily gather intel." Soifon replied but before they could take off a old woman walked by them saying hi.

"What, what was that?" Soifon asked surprised.

"I didn't sense any strong spiritual pressure in her. So I guess the living can see us." Yoruichi said as she checked out a nearby tree.

"But, how is that possible?" Soifon questioned.

"Whats worse, were in a village of ninja." Yoruichi pointed out to some foot marks on a tree.

"Great, both our stealth options aren't available." Soifon cursed.

"Soifon, open a Senkaimon gate." Yoruichi commanded which Soifon drew her sword and stabbed the air but no gate opened. "What, but how did that not work?!" Soifon asked in shock.

"Good question." Yoruichi said thinking it over.

"I don't like this one bit." Soifon thought out loud.

"We still need to gather intel, lets split up and meet back here in a hour. We just need to find out where we are." Yoruichi said as they both split up and easily made it into the village.


"A unknown female ninja?" Tsunade asked as she looked at a ANBU who appeared before her.

"Yes, she is very fast and nearly got through our defenses undetected." The ANBU said.

"Arrest her at once then and find out why she is here." Tsunade ordered as the ANBU bowed and quickly left her office. "Seems odd that a spy would just breach the outer wall in such haste." Tsunade said out loud to herself knowing it didn't sound right.


"Thanks." Soifon said with a  polite bow as she walked away from a local merchant. "Konoha? Land of fire? That doesn't sound right and I couldn't even get a continent name from him, not that it sounded like he knew what a continent was."

Soifon thought it over as she noticed something and she ducked into a nearby alley. Upon doing so she was quickly surrounded by people wearing black cloaks and white masks that had animal faces painted on them.

"Can I help you?" Soifon asked them sounding annoyed.

"What are you doing here?" A female voice asked.

"Just looking for some information on how to get home, I don't plan to stay long." Soifon replied.

"I see, you are to come with us." A male voice spoke up this time.

"Sorry, I got plans to be somewhere else." She said making a reach for her sword but in a instant the ANBU move from their spots to right next to Soifon and held several blades near her throat.

"We insist that you stay." The ANBU said as they quickly took her sword and began to bind her arms behind her back.

"Guess I have no choice." Soifon replied even more annoyed as she was lead away and above her a small black cat watched everything happen and chase after them.


"Rhrhprhrpmrpmr!" Soifon angrily grunted as she was left on the floor of a dim lit round room tightly bound and gagged as several cloths in and out side of her mouth kept her silent as several rope cuff bindings ran up her arms and down her legs while a thick layer of rope ran above and below her breasts. She struggled and wiggled all over the floor trying to get free but the rope work was far too good. Even though she never experienced rope work on this level before she knew Yoruichi would come and save her.

After awhile the door to the room open and what she saw surprised her as the Hokage Tsunade came walking in with Sakura behind her with a ANBU that was holding onto Yoruichi who was bound like Soifon but had a thick layer of tape around her mouth and she was tossed next to Soifon.

"hrhprpmprm!" Soifon cried out upon seeing Yoruichi tied up like she was.

"Mmmphpm." Yoruichi groaned softly trying to calm Soifon.

"Well I must say you two are a unusual pair, one who can nearly past our barrier with great speed and another that uses some strange power to transform into a cat. Our integrator will have fun with you two." Tsunade said as they both gave a low grunt knowing they wouldn't talk even if forced.

"Mrmrrmmp." Yoruichi moan at herself for being careless to ensure the area was clear before transforming into her cat form.

"But it can all go easy for you if you just talk now." Tsunade offered them.

"Hrprhpmr!" They both grunted and shook their heads as they weren't going to talk.

"Come on then Sakura." Tsunade said as they both left leaving the two along with a single ANBU that watched them from above.

"Hrhrpmr!" Yoruichi grunted at Soifon as she held out her bonds which she wiggled over and began to pick at them.

"Don't even think about it." A female ANBU said as she appeared in front of them and dragged them away from each other.

"Mrmrphrpm!" Soifon grunted angrily at her causing the ANBU to get her in her face.

"Shut it or I'll smack you around a bit." She warned Soifon which she smirked under her gag. Without warning she head butted the woman hard in the head breaking her mask and sending her flying backwards hitting the floor out cold to reveal she had short blond hair and blue eyes behind her mask.

"Hhpmpm." Yoruichi looked happily at Soifon as she wiggled over to the ANBU woman and grabbed her sword which she used to free both of them.


"Sakura would you go over to documents room and grab me the orange files?" Tsunade asked her.

"Right away ma'am." Sakura said as she left her office and no sooner did she take a few steps outside of her office did Soifon's hand wrap around her mouth and she was pulled to the ground where both of them use rope to tightly bind her wrists, elbows which lead around her chest.

"Mrprmprhprm!" Sakura grunted under their hold as she watched them bind her legs with more rope before a cloth was stuffed into her mouth and held in place with a cleave gag.

"Perhaps you like to answer our questions now?" Yoruichi asked Tsunade as she and Soifon casually walked into her office holding the grunting and restrained Sakura at knife point.

"Sakura!" Tsunade said standing up from her chair.

"Don't try anything now." Soifon warned holding her sword closer to Sakura's neck making her grunt more.

"Damn you." Tsunade said with a defeated look.


"This should be fun." Ibiki said as he and some of his interrogation men entered the room that Soifon and Yoruichi were suppose to be in but instead found the ANBU guard tightly bound with rope and tapped gagged.

"Mrhrprprmpm!" She moan at them.

"What the, quickly warn the guards." Ibiki cried out as he ran for the hokage office. "Tsunade, we-" He began to say as he burst into the office and what he saw surprised him.

Sakura and Tsunade were tied back to back with a lot of rope criss-crossing over their chest and they were sitting on top of the hokage desk with their legs secularly bound with a lot of rope and black cloths gagged them over their mouths.

"Hrprmprm!" They both grunted at Ibiki as both had been struggling for awhile now causing them to sweat making the rope dig into their skin.

"What happened?" He asked as he rushed for and began to untie them though Tsunade couldn't answer that as their questions was very strange and had to wonder if they were from this world.


"So what now?" Soifon asked as they quickly left the village.

"For now we'll travel this land till we find a way back home." Yoruichi replied as she sighed irritability being stuck in this world. But for Soifon she was happy that she was going to get to spend so much time with her idol.

The end.
part 2: [link]

Here is a request for :iconaksika: where he wanted to see Soifon and Yoruichi captured by characters in the naruto world.

He did want to see them recaptured but I forgot that part :P so know there will be another part to this sometime in the near future to make up for that.

Anyways, enjoy the cross over :)

As always, read, comment and fav.


I do not own the characters used in this story.
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XGoodsworth Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012
Waow! your writing skills are awesome, man[link]
ED3765 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student Writer
thanks :)
kaozkaoz Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
took me a while to get to read this but I am glad I did, I liked it a LOT, I liked that in the end the shinigami girls got to turn the tables on the ninjas =D great work overall... I wonder if there will be a second part some time =D
ED3765 Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Student Writer
yes there will be, the leaf ninja don't let things go that easily specially revenge :D
kaozkaoz Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
great I'll be looking for it ^^
ThisIsMyNewUserName3 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
Crossovers are always so interesting :3
Aksika Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
pretty sexeh, thanks yo
ED3765 Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2012  Student Writer
no problem :)
ro781727 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Nice, gotta love crossovers.
VoGoshinki Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2012
Not bad, pretty good.
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