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The sun had risen on another beautiful Saturday morning and Alex was slowly starting to get out of bed with memories of the previous day.

Friday afternoon after school

Alex was walking home from school with Natalie and they where talking about what people where saying about them and the rumors they where hearing about them and the other captains. The talk about them was flying everywhere like airplanes and bombs in a war zone and was spreading like wild fire.  

The latest was that Emily was so disgusted of how she got on the basketball team she quite the team and went to another school. Some say she went to a whole different state and others say she left the country but since no one could get a hold of her they couldn’t confirm it.

The other captains stood their ground staying on their team and took all the heat of the student body talk. But talk about them didn’t last long as on Monday was the last day of school for them all and many where talking about skipping or just saying they want the weekend to be over with and how glade they be done with this school year.

As Alex and Natalie came close to the spot where they part their ways Natalie quickly asked Alex something.

Natalie: “hey umm Alex can I ask a favor of you?”

Alex: “maybe?” *eyes her suspiciously*

Natalie: “well I want to go out with some friends tomorrow night and my parents are going out with my aunt and uncle. So my aunt and uncle need a babysitter and the one they have is out sick so they need someone.”

Alex: “and they want you to baby sit their kids?”

Natalie: “exactly! But I don’t want to baby sit them. So I thought….”

Alex: “that I baby sit them for you.”

Nataile: “yes! Will you do it?

Alex: “no!”

Natalie: “wh… what? Come on pretty please?

Alex: “find someone else to do it. You know that I watch anime Saturday nights and don‘t like to go out.”

Natalie: “I know that but my parents said they only let you be my replacement. Besides the bra…. Huh angles are quite kids who just play video games in my room all night.”

Alex: “………. I don’t know? What do I get out of it?”

Natalie: “well my aunt and uncle will pay you 30$ a hour and they will be gone for about 4-5 hours.”

Alex’s eyes lighted up immediately with dollar signs and said yes and after they parted ways Alex just had a bad feeling about doing it.


Alex got out bed still unsure about taking this babysitter job and she walked over to her door and opened it up and walked down stairs and into the kitchen. Alex poured herself some cereal and milk and ate it quickly while watching Saturday morning Cartoons. Once done Alex went back up to her room and took off her light blue camisole and put on a lavender blouse. Alex removed her loose purple shorts and her white thigh high socks revealing her white panties with a small golden star on the front of it and quickly put on dark blue skirt with lavender knee high socks.

She brushed her bed head hair and went on her day as normal. At 5:00PM Alex ate supper and cleaned up a bit and headed towards Natalie house. Alex had met Bryan and Sarah a few times when their parents where over at Natalie’s house but without the eyes of a parent around how would they act wondered Alex? That was a long time ago and by now Bryan had to be 12 and Sarah must be 11.

Alex knocked on the front door of Natalie’s house at 5:30PM and Natalie answered who was dressed in a black t-shirt, denim shorts, white ankle socks and black clog shoes.

Natalie: “hey Alex. They just arrived and I’m taking off. They already had supper and they are in my room playing video games and they know your babysitting them. Well see you later and good luck.” *giggles*

Alex got a little freaked out from the giggling from Natalie but shrugged it off and entered the house and took off her brown clogs revealing her socked feet. She herd the noise coming from Natalie’s room and headed towards the t.v knowing they would be busy for a while.

The time went by fast and it was already 7:30PM. Just 30 minutes more and Naruto will be on. Luckily last week she had tapped it and she was tapping it this week as well along with blue dragon, bleach, death note, and code geass just incase the kids wanted to play a game with her and Alex was right.

About 7:45PM the kids came down and stared at Alex who was staring to nod off to sleep. Once Alex realized she was being watched she sat up and looked around and saw the kids looking at her. One of them was boy with dark blond hair with blue eyes with a light blue t-shirt with tan shorts and black flip flops on. The other one was a girl with blond golden curly hair with glass and green eyes and had on a pink sleeveless shirt with blue shorts and pink socks.

Alex: “hey there. What can I do for you?”

Bryan: “do you want to play a game?”

Alex: “I don’t know? What kind of game is it?”

Sarah: “just a game, do you want to play it?”

Alex stared at them for few seconds knowing they where up to something and a mind of little kids where full of tricks and pranks to be played on people like her self but against her better judgment she took the bait.

Alex: “sure I guess.”

Both kids giggled and ran away out of sights and Alex just sat there confused. Alex just decided to sit there and wait for them to come back just so she wouldn’t fall for anything they got planned.

It was 7:55PM when Alex herd a soft noise coming from down stairs and she immediately sat up a little spooked. She knew it was either the kids or someone else like a burglar. Alex ran over to the steps leading down to the basement and opened the closed door and listened for a sound and she herd something but wasn’t sure what. Alex flipped the light switch to the basement, but when she flipped the light switch the light did not come on. Now Alex was frighten but she was still determined to go down into the basement to find out what was going on.

Alex went over to a drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a flash light and went back over to the steps and turned on the flash light and slowly made her way down the steps. When Alex was down in the basement she didn’t hear anything and she flashed the flashlight around to see nothing.

Alex went into a room to her left which was a small family room with the only window in the basement and was opposite of where Alex was standing and she saw that it wasn’t broken and that the stuff sitting in front of it hadn’t been moved in a while.

Confirming that a burglar hadn’t broken in Alex just decided that something gave out and fell over or a rat was down here. Alex immediately turned around and started for the stairs but as soon as she turned around something rammed into her legs causing her to trip over something that wasn’t there before and she fell to the ground like a tree with her head hitting a sofa cushion.

The wind in Alex had been knocked out of her and she couldn’t react fast enough when a brown sack had been placed over her head and duct tape was bring wrapped around her wrists biding them together.

As Alex was regaining her strength to fight back who was ever doing this she was picked up and placed against a support beam and her hands where brought over her head and tapped to the support beam and while that was happening tape was being wrapped around her belly to the support beam. Alex guessed this was the game the kids meant since tape was being wrapped around her twice at once.

Alex tried to fight back but it was too late, the kids had her restrained and it would take a while to get the tape off of herself. When the tape had stopped about half of Alex’s arms where incased in tape and most of her belly had tape around it. It got quite in the basement for a few seconds when the bag covering her face was taken off and a few strips of duct tape was put over her mouth and the lights where turned on and Alex immediately shut her eyes to allow time for them to adjust to the light. When they did two smiling kids  greeted her and she could only mphm at them.

Bryan: “heheheha she fell for like the others did.”

Alex: “mmphhm?”

Sarah: “didn’t our cousin tell you? If anyone except her baby sits us we tie them up.”

Bryan: “and we tie her up as well but not as often as her replacements hehe.”

Alex: “mmphpmpmhphphmprrphpemph!”

Sarah: “were going to go play now.”

Bryan: “we’ll be back later.”

Sarah: “and play nice with the rats down here hehehe.”

Alex: “mmphpm.” (rats)

The kids ran up the stairs and shut the door but didn’t turn off the light which gave Alex the chance to see if she could escape.

Alex tested the tape binding her hands and belly to the post and found that it would be hard to get out of this. Luckily for Alex the kids didn’t bind her legs and Alex worked her legs underneath her until they touched the support beam and with all her might Alex pushed against the beam hoping that the tape binding her hands would expand enough so she could slip her hands out of the tape.

Alex kept at it for 5 minutes and after 5 minutes had past Alex stopped and she rested for a few minutes and tested the tape again to see that she made little progress. Alex mphmphm in defeat for she was tied to a post by kids younger then her and her arms were getting tired from being held up so long. After Alex got her second breath she tried again and still no progress on the tape.


It was about 8:45PM and the kids where sitting in the living room watching cartoons when Natalie walked in to see only the kids and no Alex.

Natalie: “hey there you two, how was your night.”

Bryan & Sarah: “good!”

Natalie looked around to see that someone was missing.

Natalie: “alright where is Alex?”

Both the kids giggled and starred at her with innocent faces.

Natalie: “please don’t tell me you tied up your baby sitter again.”

Bryan & Sarah: “maybe.”

Natalie: *sigh* “is she in my room?

Bryan & Sarah: “no.”

Natalie: “in a closet?”

Bryan & Sarah: “no.”

Natalie: “anywhere upstairs?”

Bryan & Sarah: “nope.”

Natalie: “anywhere down here?”

Bryan & Sarah: “no.”

Natalie: “oh god! You two didn’t take her outside and tie her to a tree and put honey on her hoping that a bear will come along and lick it off of her again did you?”

Bryan & Sarah: “no.”

Natalie: “then she must be in the”

Alex: “in the basement!”

Natalie jumped when she herd Alex’s voice and looked straight at her with fear.

Natalie: “ho… how long were you standing there Alex?”

Alex: “At the part you said please don’t tell me you tied up your baby sitter again.”

Natalie: “well I’m glade to see you got free heheheh.”

Natalie started to back slowly to the front door to make a quick escape for she could sense the danger and anger in Alex rising.

Alex: “now why are you backing towards the door Nat? I’m not mad that you didn’t tell me what these kids do to their baby sitter I’m just ticked off about it!”

At these words Natalie immediately turned around and pulled the door open but before she could take a step out Alex grabbed Natalie’s hair and pulled her down to the floor and shut the door and held Natalie’s hands behind her back with Alex’s left hand and her right knee and used her right hand to hand gag Natalie so Alex could address the two kids.

Natalie: “mmphpmhromps!”

Alex: “ok you two! If you don’t want to end up like your cousin is about to then help me get her down into the basement or you two can share her fate.”

Not wanting to become like their cousin was about to be the kids helped her into the basement and once down there Alex resumed the position like she had on Natalie upstairs.

Alex: “well everybody welcome to Alex’s late Saturday night TUG school. Here you learn more about the TUG world.”

Bryan: “what does TUG stand for?”

Alex: “good question Bryan. It stands for Tie Up </b>G</b>ames. And remember it’s rules are all in fun, all in game, all in play and a occasional side of revenge and keeping someone out of the way for a while.”

Bryan: “cool!”

Alex: “yes it is. Now I want you two to bring me any duct tape and rope you have laying around here.”

With that both kids immediately started to search and  while they did that Alex removed Natalie’s shoes and socks. It did not take the kids long and they came back with 4 coils of white rope and a full roll of duct tape.

Alex: “excellent! Now pay attention class for I’m only going to show you once.”

Natalie: “mphphpm!”

Alex: “Bryan would you like the honors of gagging you cousin?”

Bryan: “yes I would.”

Natalie: “mphpme!”

Bryan tore off a strip of tape and Alex removed her hand and Bryan put the tape over the angry Natalie’s lips and Alex smoothed it over her lips so it keep her quite for her lesson.

Alex: “ok now that I don’t have to keep her quite let’s begin. Now before you two tied me to that support beam with tape. I have to admit you did a great job but you made mistakes and if you didn’t make those mistakes I would still be tied up there.”

Sarah: “what was our mistakes?”

Alex: “excellent question Sarah. The first one was that you tied my hands above my head by doing this it gave me a chance to get away. If you tied my hands behind my back  I could not have gotten free. Your second was not tying up my legs which gave me the chance to move them into a spot that I could pull against the tape and get loose. If they where tied it would have been difficult for me to move my legs. Your third was leaving the light on and not even blindfolding me so I could see away of getting untied.”

Alex  grabbed a coil of rope and untangled it and set it on Natalie’s hands and faced the kids again.

Alex: “ok binding someone with tape is a good way but if you really want to keep them bound then you use rope. But when using it make sure you don’t tie it to tightly so it don’t cut off circulation in there hands or where ever you tie the rope. It’s always good to practice on something to figure out a tie that won’t harm anyone and yet keep them from getting free understand.”

Both kids nodded their heads and for the first time in a while they listened closely as this was very interesting.

Alex: “alright first you tie up someone’s wrists like this” *Alex shows them how it’s done* “ok after that you move down to their ankles and tie them up” *Alex shows them how it’s done* “After that who every you tied up should be subdued.”

Both kids clap as they where gaining new ways to make baby sitter nights more fun.

Alex: “now here comes the fun part torturing!”

Natalie: “mphpm!”

Alex: “but unfortunately the current gag on Natalie is to thin to keep the noise low and from being very annoying.”

Alex: “mhhpmphmhpm!”

Bryan: “we could put more duct tape on her face?”

Alex: “tape gags are good but let me show you something better.”

Alex went over to where the washer and dryer was and went through the dirty basket until she found a big white bandana with little blue dots on it. Alex went back over to the struggling Natalie and grabbed her socks she took off from her before and balled them off and took off the tape on her face.

Natalie: “Alex you tratmophpmphrapm!”

Alex stuffed in Natalie’s socks into her mouth and tied the bandana between her lips to hold the socks in and knotted it off behind her head. Alex went behind Natalie and stoked her feet a few times with her hands and Natalie gave off a few soft mphms.

Alex: “perfect! Now Bryan will you go up stairs and grabbed a plastic baggy full of ice?”

Bryan: “sure will!” *runs of the stairs*

Alex: “alright Sarah come over here.” *Sarah comes over by Alex and sits down* “now just move your hands like this and go up and down Nat’s feet.”

Sarah: “ok!”

Sarah did what she was told and tickled Natalie’s feet causing her to squirm around and mphpm a lot and Alex got back on top of her to keep her still. A few minutes later Bryan returned with a small baggy with ice in it.

Bryan: “here is the ice!”

Alex: “great set it there and join your sister. You take the left foot and she gets the right foot and do what she is doing.”

Bryan and Sarah both tickled Natalie’s feet causing Natalie to mphm and move about but Alex kept her from moving around too much.

Alex: “to double the torture of tickling you should put ice down her back or somewhere where it won’t fall out easily.”

All three of them grabbed a ice cube and put it down Natalie’s shirt and Natalie went nuts from the coldness of the ice and squirmed and rolled around mppmohmed to get the ice off of her. The kids went back to tickling her feet for a few minutes more until Alex called them off and sent them upstairs.

Alex: “now that the brats are gone lets say we kick this up a notch.”

Natalie: “mmphpmphhphpermaphpm!” *shakes her head*

Alex: “what’s that? You want to apologize?”

Natalie: “mphpymphpmeph! *nods her head*

Alex: “well I forgive you since I had fun tonight but I got to teach you a lesson for not telling someone the whole thing about what their getting into.”

Natalie: “mphpsmpspommomph!”

Alex: “sorry but my hands are kind of tied heheh”

Natalie: “mphpm!”

Alex grabbed two ice cubes and opened up Natalie’s shirt and put them into a cup of Natalie’s bra which sent Natalie squirming on the floor for she did not like the cold very much. Alex took the last two ice cubes and put one down Natalie’s back and one down the back of her denim shorts and give Natalie a small slap to the butt causing her to mpmph and really feel the ice.

Alex finished it off by grabbing another coil or rope and pulled Natalie in a strict hog tied and Alex ticked her feet a little more and went back up stairs to join the kids and Alex shut off the lights and the door leaving Alex in complete darkness who was trying to at least get the ice off of her back.

It was 10:00PM and the kids where slowly falling to sleep and Alex got up and went back down stairs to find a few melting ice cubes on the floor and that Natalie had moved a little from the spot Alex left her at and that she was still tied up good.

Alex: “have you learned your lesson?”

Natalie: “mmphpmphpm!” *nods her head*

Alex: “and you promise to not get me back for this?”

Natalie: “mphmphpmph!” *nods her head*

Alex: “alright I will untie you then.”

Alex untied Natalie’s hog tie and then freed her hands and while she was untying her ankles Natalie unknotted the bandana and took it off of her and spat out her saliva soaked socks onto the floor.

Alex: “so how was your night?”

Natalie: “could have been better.”

They both walk upstairs and Natalie’s parents and uncle and aunt had just come through the door and Alex got paid and she was walking through the doorway when the kids stopped her.

Bryan: “hey will you watch us again sometime?”

Alex: “I just might kiddo.”

Alex then left to return home and Natalie’s parents and her anut and uncle went into the kitchen and she gathered Bryan and Sarah together and whispered something to them.

Natalie: “next time she’s over it’s going to be war and if we get her then I will teach you kids something really special!”

They all nodded and looked forward until they could get together again.

The End…... for now
well another great story on my OC Alex and Natalie. I hope you enjoy it and please leave comments!
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