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Zoey 101: Were Not Done Yet!

Couple of weeks have passed since Zoey, Nicole, Dana, and Lola were tricked by Chase, Logan, Michael, and Dustin and were tied up and tickled. Though they deiced not to get revenge to risk being tied and tickled for a fourth time they decide to wait a while to plan a perfect revenge that they would be the ones doing the tickling. But unfortunately the boys were two steps ahead of them.

At lunch time the girls were talking about getting the boys.

Zoey: “we need to get them alone then tie him up and move to the next one.”

Nicole: “how do we do that without them getting suspicious?”

Dana: “uummm. Maybe”

Chase: “hey girls! What are you talking about?

Zoey: “ahhh! Chase I didn’t see you there.”

Chase: “well I just came over to see if you can come over to my room and help with some math home work this Saturday Zoey?”

Zoey: “ummm I be happy too but won’t the other guys be a distraction?”

Chase: “their going out that night so it will be just you and me.”

Zoey: “ok see you then.”

And Chase walks back over to his table.

Lola: “this is our chance to get them.”

Zoey: “it is but he asked me to help him with his homework.”

Dana: “once your finished say you have to go to the bath room and call us and we’ll come over and help you tie him up.”

Zoey: “ok then Saturday night is the night we get our revenge!”

At the boys table.

Logan: “did she fall for it?”

Chase: “yep! You guys remember the plan?”
Michael: “yep you just keep her busy until we can get the other girls.”

Dustin: “this is going to be sweet.”

That Saturday Zoey got ready to go to Chase’s dorm room by putting on a black long shelve shit and blue jeans with white socks and tennis shoes. The other girls got ready by putting on similar black shelve shirts and black jeans and dark socks and black tennis shoes and waited until zoey gave them the word to come and tie up Chase.

At Chase’s room Zoey knocks and Chase answers and let’s Zoey in and zoey doesn’t noticing that Logan, Michael, and Dustin were going to the other girls rooms to pay them a unexpected visit.

At Lola’s room Dustin knocks and Lola answers the door surprised to see Dustin in the door way.

Dustin: “her there Lola. Mind if I come in.”

Lola: “uuummm sure Dustin come on in.”

No sooner when the door was closed when Lola was jumped from behind and quickly here hands and feet were taped up.

Lola: “Dustin what are you mdohoimmhhppp.”

Dustin: “we knew you girls were planning your revenge so we thought we act first. Well that should hold you until we get Chase’s room.”

At Nicole, Dana’s rooms they got the same treatment and they were all taken to Chase’s room were a night full of tickling would be waiting for them.

At Chase’s room Zoey and Chase just finished helping Chase with his homework and Zoey went to use his bathroom and pulled out her cell phone and called Lola.

Zoey: “that’s odd why isn’t she answering? I better head back and see whats up.”

Zoey walks out of the bath room and is startled by three loud mmmppphhhhs. See looks around and sees Lola, Nicole, and Dana taped up.

Chase: “hey there Zoey and welcome to club tickle.”

Zoey: “I guess we lost. Just don‘t tickle us too much”

Chase: “I can’t promise you that”

Chase waved his hand for Zoey to come over to him and she did and he had her sit on the bed were he removed her shoes and took of her socks and got behind her and tied her wrists with rope and tied her arms to her torso and warped rope above and below her breasts. Next he moved to her legs were he tied her ankles and tied rope above and below her knees. Next he balled up her two socks and shoved it in her mouth and grab the duct tape and wrapped it around her head 6 times. Nicole, Dana, and Lola got the same treatment and picked the girls up and sat them on the floor.

Then they took Zoey and Lola and tied them back to back. And grabbed Dana and Nincole and did the same thing.

The boys stood back and admired their work as the girls struggled to get free but this did not last long as Chase kneeled in front of Zoey, Dustin in front of Lola, Logon in front of Dana and Michael in font Nicole. They began to tickle each girl on the souls of their feet each girl mmmpphhhhing in laughter.

After a hour…..

Chase: “well that was fun. how about we give them a hour to their self’s and we grabbed a bite to eat.”

The other guys agreed and left and the girls more then ever struggling to get free but all they could do is make mmpphhing noise and make the rope tighter.

Zoey: “mmphhhh…mph”

Lola: “mph.”


Nicole: “mphhhh.”

Soon the boys return to find the girls were they left them but more tried.

Michael: “I hope your not too tired girls we have a lot left for you.”

Tied up girls: “mmppphhhh?!”

Logan: “your not going to believe this but we passed this store and they were giving away free feather dusters.”

Tied up girls: “MMMPPPPPHHHHHH!”

Chase: “so we got one for each of you”

Tied up girls: “mmmmmmpppppphhhhhhh!”

Each guy pulled out a feather duster and lifted each girl’s shirt a little and started to dust tickle them and each girl busted out laughing that the gag barely kept their noise quite.

Next the boys each grabbed a couple pieces of ice and a small strip of duct taped and tapped it to their tickled bellies. Each girl mmppphhhh and shivered a bit to the coldness of the ice cubes. The boys returned to tickling their feet until their ice melted.

They undid the rope that binded them together and undid the ropes that was on their knees and breast and the only rope was on their hands and ankles and picked them up and carried them to their dorm rooms and laid them on their beds. Next to them they laid a pair of scissors telling them “if you want to get free then you got to cut your self’s free.

The guys left back to their dorm rooms and Zoey, Dana, Nicole cut them self’s loose and met in Lola’s room where her scissors fell to the ground and was having problems getting to it. They helped her get free and swore that they would get the boys for this no matter what the cost!
another story on the Zoey 101 t.v. show by request on a TUG board.
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winterbunnies Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2012
*sigh* BOYS. I swear, if they did that to me, I would probably beat them down. Snatch those feather dusters and throw 'em out the window (waste, I know) then take a nearby object like a hockey stick, basketball, lamp, or something, and throw it at them. Then I'll just wipe my hands and say, "My work here is done," and then leave the room happily :)
TheTriskelion Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
*feels strange obligation to post a comment about feather dusters :P

lol, great story. A very crafty manner of revenge foiling, if I do say so myself. I'm surprised you like to write in script, though. Generally non-script is easier to read. In fact, most writing is finding ways to avoid ugly shortcuts like script, parenthesis, and lists.
ED3765 Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010  Student Writer
not sure why I typed like this back in the day but that's how I did it until I deiced to change up.
TheTriskelion Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2010
Well, I haven't gotten to that part of your gallery yet. But I can definitely see improvement over the stories I have read.
DarkCharmer Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008
YES! Script is allowed on this site. apparently doesn't allow it :{. FEATHERDUSTERSROCK!
ED3765 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2008  Student Writer
I just write in Script. I feel that it is easier to know who is talking and such.
dawho555 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
Haha. Free featherdusters. What are the odds of that?
David-presents Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007  Hobbyist Writer
Yay for free feather dusters!
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